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Let’s see other factory’s truss quality! Sincerely what you deserve is what you paid.

Time:2018/9/27 Posted:Shenzhen Events Technology Co.,Ltd

Today one of our friends asked us a favor...They would like us to revise those trusses which they bought from one Guangzhou factory this year. One big typhoon passed, let us see what the truss look like.. Amazing that how can they make such bad sleeve block ( this sleeve block includes two parts, each part is separately ) ?? Amazing that how can they make such bad welding surface?

Sincerely what you deserve is what you paid.

In China,there are lots of suppliers,some are good while some are bad..

Those prices which far away from production cost have two reasons: 

1. They are too bad ; 

2. They are the best;

So what are you looking for? Reasonable prices, good quality? That is us...

Pre:18x18x9m height Aluminum spigot truss project
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